Thursday, 2 January 2014

Looking back... and forward

At the start of 2013 I sat and prepared a post which looked forward to what I hoped to achieve during the coming 12 months.

With the calendar rolling from one year to the next I find myself repeating the exercise, with one eye on the previous year whilst the other gazes at the potential filled new year.

So, 2013..
Goal One was to complete the Wentwood 50k in a good time, as my post at the end of May explained, I could have done better.  The illness which dogged me for the first three months effectively sealed my fate and a dogged approach to riding wasn't going to out do poor preparation.
Goal Two was to ride 2013 miles.  Again, not good, by the end of may I had managed 358 miles, a new job, illness and new baby all ensuring that riding time was limited.  During the next six months I added just over 1400 miles to that, bringing my annual total to 1760 miles.  Good (in fact my highest mileage year to date) but falling well short of my target

Goal Three was to learn to jump, I'm happy with this, I'm not tail whipping off every bump in the trail but I'm now getting happier with my wheels leaving the ground, regaining a love for riding has helped with this but I see it as a work in progress that will only improve with time

Goal Four initially to complete a half iron man, amended to complete an imperial century was completed with panache at the Malvern Mad Hatter in September.  After giving it some thought, I'm shelving the idea of completing a long distance triathlon.. I just don't like the triathletes I brushed shouders with during training.

So, a strike rate of 50%, not bad, but plenty of room for improvement!

2014 then..

With my biking mojo back I again want to challenge myself, but I'm keen not to rehash last years..

Goal One
Ride 3000 miles
Yeah yeah, I know it's a rehash, but this will prove challenging, equating to around 60 miles a week I'm gong to need to have consistent riding through the year to hit my target.  It's my target though, so I'm going to include road, offroad and turbo riding.  Miles gained by turning pedals counts ;)

Goal Two
Blog more and improve my writing style
I keep trying, keep failing, but I want to make this site work.. I'm going to make sure I take a camera with me and document my biking adventures for the coming year.  I also am aware that my writing style is pretty dire at times, I'm going to try and develop more flair and finesse in my writing.. it's a goal, but I don't know how I'm going to get there yet!

Goal Three
Get 15000 page views
Tied in with the above, I want to double the traffic through the site.  I hope that reviews and more frequent posts will allow me to achieve this..