Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Teko Merino Minicrew sock review

Jeez.. you're probably thinking, have you got that little going on that you have to write a review on socks.. SOCKS!!?

Thing is, I think socks are an often overlooked part of any wannabe sportsmans kit list.

Without our feet being in good condition biking and running can be painful and even impossible.

I seem to suffer with blisters, especially at the front of the arch.  In my quest to solve this problem I've thrown many a different pair onto various shop counters and handed over good money only to be left hobbling after a run or two.  The list of discarded solutions is long and contains many of the 'swear bys' seen on internet running forums.

A couple of years back I was recommended a pair of Teko minicrews by a salesman whilst buying a new pair of trainers.. hesitant, I would have left them on the peg if he had not offered a discount, so assured was he they would be ideal.

Putting them on I noticed how they had been made to hug tightly around the arch (my problem area). The pressure was comforting and soon unnoticeable.  Subsequent runs were done with no problem, even during hot weather and double figure mileage runs my feet remained comfortable and blister free.

My originals are now wafer thin on the heel but resolutely protect my feet; even during a soaking wet puddle filled six miler this morning my feet were fine.

I know have four pairs and wear them both during running and biking.  I won't even consider looking for alternatives as long as they remain on the virtual shelves of internet shops.

Being Merino means they don't smell (brilliant for socks!) so several wears are possible between washes, something useful for training whilst away from home.

Sizing wise I use Mediums which although snug for my Size 9 (UK) feet and technically a size down from what I should be in feel comfortable and planted once on.

They typcially retail for about £9.00 excl. postage and to mind are well worth every penny !

Saturday, 10 November 2012

My Tuppence Worth

Take a look at any photo of me from the last seven years and you will see one constant, a little yellow band on my right wrist.

The Livestrong foundation and its distinctive band immediately appealed, Lance Armstrongs cancer awareness charity formed off the back of his own plight struck a chord, my mom had breast cancer 10 years ago and the struggle he outlined in his book left me reading late into the night.

Since then I have defended Armstrong from friends and faceless biking forum members who accused him of being a drugs cheat.  I could not, or maybe would not accept that this cycling god who went from Triathlon champion to young world champion to 'Cancer Survivor' and later a multi Tour de France winner would resort to drugs, especially, as he went through the poisonous treatment of Chemotherapy.

I wanted to believe that things like that happened, those clinging to life by the thinnest of threads can overcome the odds and become winners.

I even handed Mum my copy of Armstrongs book during her own course of Chemotherapy hoping to give her a degree of hope in her own darkness.

The overwhelming amount of evidence presented over the last couple of months, along with Armstrongs decision not to contest the case any longer has finally answered one of the biggest questions to dominate professional cycling for the past 15 years.

I can't be arsed to get into the detail of USDA reports and the UCI, who I generally have a rather low opinion of, but one this is for sure, the yellow band is currently residing in a landfill somewhere.. in it's place is this; please take a look