Monday, 28 February 2011

Marking Time..

It's been a bit quiet around here hasn't it? my fault of course and something I'm going to rectify over the coming weeks.

Anyway, back to the subject of this post..

Since I finished work a couple of weeks ago I've been in this horrible limbo that typically occurs between Christmas and New Year.  The weather has been similar too, grey cold and rainy.

My job search, I guess, is typical; an application, then a couple of weeks waiting til anything is heard.  Going through the process whilst still in work makes it easier, with that lag barely noticed due to already being in work and it only sitting in the back of the mind, rather than standing there, yelling for attention.

I wouldn't mind, but the weather has sucked my enthusiasm for getting out and exercising too. I've been doing some running and my normal weekly night ride, but there hasn't been the buzz about me and my training that was so present around Christmas.

Last week did offer some explanation to this sudden drop in energy levels, CJ had another week of teething, coupled with a cold, and to round it all off nicely, a stomach bug.  I succumbed Thursday, with two days in bed and then a weekend of incredible tiredness.  Another week went into the history books with minimal training being recorded.

I remember entering the Wentwood 50 with a feeling of supreme confidence, 50k? not a problem.. lets get in there and ride it with bells on.  The redundancy and the huge vacuum effect that had on my enthusiasm for everything has robbed me of that confidence.  I'm looking at the route map with increasing trepidation and starting to consider the 40k drop-out, not as something to be shown two fingers as I sail passed at mach 5, but maybe as an option worthy of consideration.

This morning I definitely feel better, maybe 90%.. I don't trust my stomach enough for a long run, but I'll be back up to speed by mid-week.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Excuse the excuses..

So, it's been a little while since the last post.  Last week I had it all planned in my head, the blog had lain dormant but I hadn't..

Remember in my last post I was saying how I felt incredibly tired? well last week Callum upped the game to spinal tap 11 by not only coming down with Chicken Pox, but deciding he fancied a few more teeth.

As a result, my running went out of the window completlely, in fact, I haven't run for about 10 days, not a massive one I guess, but my legs feel itchy and I know I need to get out.  I rode last wednesday as usual, but the temperature suddenly rose above freezing and stayed there, I was still dressed in the proper winter kit that has become common-place.  As a result I boiled in the bag, feeling utterly lousy by the end of the night.

The net result of all this angst and being a bit of a big girl over the whole thing was that friday night I woke up shivering with cold, my teeth were chattering and everything ached.  I got up, threw on tshirts a fleece jumper, trousers, thick socks and then went back to bed.  I stayed cold but managed to get back to sleep, I woke up around 9 with the mother of all headaches and a body that didn't want to know.  I got up long enough to have a drink then headed back to bed.  The lights went out as soon as the duvet was over me and I stayed there til gone lunch.

Amazingly, I woke up feeling fine, I've given myself a few days extra rest and I think I'm now ready to get back to it.. not sure what the cause was, but there seems to be a fair amount of bugs around at present.

The other niggle is my left knee which first made its presence felt during a long run a few weeks back, since then it's been always there, not enough to stop activity but enough to not forget about.  I've put it down to muscle tightness and upping my stretching should sort it out.

I guess the only other thing of note is that I finish work this friday.. redundancy strikes, I'm looking forward to it if the truth be told, I have an interview monday which I'm excited about and I'm kind of hopeful of being able to ride during the day for a week or so to up my mileage :)