Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Hornet

The presence of which answers Jamers question of exactly what was the worst thing that could happen from test riding the demo bike one evening.

I've been thinking of a new bike for some time, but with the road bike added to the stables last year and no real passion for anything I'd seen on the market, the plan had stalled and pushed aside whilst I enjoyed the On One for a few more years.

Jamer, who although having only been a biker for a few years has seen four different brands and set ups pass through his hands was on the look out for something new.  He'd seen the 2014 range of Giants and we spent a Sunday evening dodging wives and kids whilst sneaking looks at the web.

A lad I've done some 24hr races with has gone to 27.5 (650b) and was raving about the benefits of the it and during the Wentwood event of 2013, a 29er riding mate dissolved all doubts I had about larger wheel sizes by out rolling me at every opportunity.

When our local shop became a Giant dealership at the end of the summer last year the deal appeared to be done and with an Anthem and Trance soon acquired as test bikes Jamer made his decision and placed an order for a Trance.

I resisted, insisting I was still happy with the On One, and I was, until the evening I had the test bike of course.

Set up for a lad a bit heavier I managed to fall in love after a single mile.. one that included a road section and some flat bike paths.  That evenings ride was fantastic, I out climbed everyone and was up with Matt, our groups quickest rider on the downs.. suddenly full sus and big wheels clicked and I knew what I wanted.

 Model choice made and order placed, I settled in to wait, according to the dealer site, expected delivery was week 7 of 2014, we worked it out and realised that was close to the Wentwood 50k an event I am desperate to do well in but the right side of it at least.  Jamers was due in week 3 having been delayed from last October (he's not happy at all about that).  I popped in on Monday and was greeted by the shop owner telling me I wasn't meant to be there.. My bike was in, 4 weeks early and before Jamers.. He was even less happy about that..

 And now, it's sitting in the shop waiting for the final swap overs and it'll be properly mine