Tuesday, 28 January 2014


A question on a site I sometimes dip in to posed the question 'Where have you been riding recently' which got me thinking about my own saddle time during the past few months, here's my response..

 2014 is, in my mind going to be a big year, I have several challenges set which will require me to be fitter than in previous years, this means I need more training.. Yep, you read that right, training, in order to be able to achieve them.  Two races in the first quarter of the year will push me hard and an imperial century on the road in May means that I need to ensure my hard won form from last year is maintained.

 So, I'll admit where I'm at in order to do this


 ..A turbo trainer

 I've been considering one for about 18 months and now that I have it I can vouch for the brutality of a turbo workout if you're prepared to sweat and suffer in equal measure.  It's great for pre dawn, pre kids rides when the feasibility of riding miles on the road isn't possible.  I enjoy it for the simple fact that I'm turning legs and grimacing when others are huddled down under duvets.

 However, despite the UK being currently battered by heavy winds, rain and low temperatures (a natural phenomenon I like to call 'Winter') I have ventured out doors..

 It's muddy.  Very muddy.  And flooded.

 Fun though and whilst I long for the dry, dusty, frictionless trails of summer I appreciate the hard miles won during winter for the increase in fitness and handling our soggy mud covered  rides are currently handing over in return for the motivation to resist the pull of warm homes and rubbish tv.

 So, I'm getting a buzz from riding indoors and outdoors at present.. I mean, it's just good to be riding at the end of the day, right?