Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What do bikers that aren't biking think about?...

Biking of course.. dammed fool question if you ask me

Since being in Sheffield I've lived in a house which doesn't seem to be particularly bike friendly.  Probably for the best to be honest too as I've got some exams coming in July so books are here to entertain me in the evenings rather than bikes and riding mates.

The lack of physical bike contact in my life at present though is always there as a voice in my head and is starting to become a bit all consuming, so aside from dreaming of long rides on dusty trails with mates, I've started thinking of the next natural progression..


New stuff to be precise.  I've been using some of Hopes finest offerings for years, the last couple of rides though have left me with nothing but big handfuls of lever and frightened expressions..  Poor old Nic has provided more services than certain footballers and we've both agreed that I need to some new brakes.

In the mean time, apart from pulling 12 hour days, attempting to get lots of stuff crammed into the hollow space above my ears and seemingly never getting enough sleep, I've decided to go join a gym.  16 quid a month, bargain.. expect to see reports of my fitness reaching new depths very soon