Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Drive Work Study (Repeat to fade)

Another marathon gap since my last post.

This time, there's reason, honest..

I've secured a job, a fantastic job at that too.. one that makes you want to stick two fingers up at the self doubt which inevitably creeps in during something as horrible as redundancy.

The only downside (and isn't there always one of those?) is that it's in Sheffield.. not that I have anything against Sheffield.. apart from the fact that it's 160 miles away from where I call home.  That's either one hell of a daily commute or sucking it up and renting somewhere for monday to thursday.

So, spareroom.com it is then.  It was a bit of a hurried decision though, the place has no storage for a bike.. gah.. next time I'll spend a few minutes longer on my list of 'must haves'.. although a phone call monday saying "is this wednesday good for you as a start date?" doesn't leave much room for error..

The job, as I've said, is fantastic, busy as hell though and I find each day that I've crossed 6 jobs off a to-do list and added twice that number along with a couple of meetings and an audit or two thrown in for good measure.

Fantastic career progression, it doesn't, however, lead to a particularly riveting blog post.

Coupled with that, I'm cramming study in for exams in July.  I've been told that there's some cracking biking in and around Sheffield, lets just hope it's still going to be there at the end of July when i can get out and experience it.

I may get a run in to work and back between now and then, but I've still got the damned leftovers of that bloody cold, which seems to have been around since I was about 6.

So.. lots going on, none of it worthy of blogging about, although with hindsight that's not stopped me before.. ;)