Friday, 28 January 2011


It's definately safe to say that there has been very little in the way of updates to the site in the last couple of weeks.  That's not to say that I've been sat around doing nothing though.

My training has carried on pretty much as per schedule, with the miles increasing on a weekly basis.  I've taken my training schedule from 2:09 events and so far it seems to be doing me good.  I'm doing 6 sessions per week, that's giving a split of around 30 running miles and on average 15 miles during the weekly bike ride (although given the state of the forest at present this must surely equate to twice that accounting for the mud and general crapiness of trails at present).

I was starting to get concerned the training was getting a bit too much and that the feeling of being utterly knackered was the start of being overtrained.

Chatting to a hugely experienced runner and biker and going through my week with him has put my mind at rest in no uncertain terms though..

"So what you doing?"

"Sunday - long run
Monday - Easy run
Tuesday - Intervals
Wednesday - Bike Ride
Thursday - Hill Reps
Friday - Easy Run
Saturday - Rest"
"Sounds good to me, you've got the basics in there"
"I just feel knackered, I was riding wednesday and my legs felt properly shot to pieces"
"Are you sleeping?"
"like the dead"
"err, yes, alot"
"and you're doing the normal stuff like drinking and stretching?
"In that case, you aren't overtrained, you're just getting used to the increased exercise, crack on and you'll soon adapt"

It's funny, that simple conversation has made getting up for my morning run suddenly more bearable, knowing that I'm on the right lines, coffee will see me through til bed and that tired legs are just a by-product of what I'm doing.

Here's to tomorrows lie in (baby allowing) and another week of progress :o)