Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2011, Here We Come

Look at any sports blog at present and you'll either be witness to New Years Resolutions, or lengthy posts about the  writers achievements for 2010.

I'm only jealous, 2010 for me included Mountain Mayhem and 24/12.. neither of which I won.

The idea of this site for me, was to chart progress toward any events I want to take part in.  2011 is lining up to be a pretty full calendar at this rate, with a fair number of different events having already caught my eye.

I guess the easiest thing for me to do is break it all down into category.

Biking Events
Wentwood 50 - 06 March
This is a new event and seems to close to miss, I've not ridden in the woodland the enduro is going to be taking place in, but a look on google earth and a search on the net has come up with a site explaining all about a downhill track there, nothing else on the XC side of things, but it's looking good and the organisers are promising a tough challenge.  My entry is already in for this one!

Mountain Mayhem - June
I'm umming and ahhing about this one at present, I've done it for the past 6 years, it's billed as the biggest 24hr event in the calender and is run only 20 miles or so from my door.  If I did it, it would be for tradition and the comaraderie, as a trail, I find it unrewarding.  It's also expensive - something like £70 per rider for a team of 4.  I guess this is a watch this space, I may get talked into it once the entries go live.

Twentyfour/12 - July
This is held in Newnham Park, Plymouth and gives the option of either doing a 24hr race or a 12hr.  We did the 12 hour last year in pairs and I loved it.  The course is challenging and fun enough to ensure each lap pushes you to go that little bit harder.

Forest Of Dean Enduro - September / October
My LOCAL local event.  I love it, ride the trail on a fairly regular basis and last year finished in 11th.  I want to go there this year and break top 10.

Running Events
Forest Of Dean Half Marathon - 27 March
I've done this once before and it's currently my training focus.  It's gaining popularity but I've got my entry in early and am working hard to try and beat my previous time

Runners World FOD 10k - 22 May
This is also a new event and is taking place the day after my birthday (hint hint), seems like a nice way to celebrate and it'll be a new experience for me having not done a 10k before.

Not sure here.. I'm kind of stepping into the unknown a little, a few which have caught my eye are;

Monmouth Tri - 10th April
Ross On Wye Tri - 12th June
Eastnor Tri - 03 July

That's quite a lot isn't it?, in fact, it's a hell of a lot.  That is obviously the dream list and I'm well aware
that life is going to get in and mix things up a little.  I've got concerns over the triathlons too, purely because I'm lacking in pool time and present, I'd hoped they were later in the season, but hey oh, push comes to shove I'll do just one this year and change the blog name to thatbikerunbikething ;)