Monday, 18 June 2012

Ye Gods

Two months without a post.. it's not that I haven't wanted to, honest;

I've just had bugger all of interest to say, no ground breaking reveleations there then.  Lack of interesting conversation very rarely keeps me quiet and, if I'm honest, I have been doing stuff.

Interesting stuff if you reside at ABR Towers, of little more than passing 'that's nice dear' interest to the rest of the world.

Our house has been put on the market, viewed and sold, we, in turn have viewed, put in offers, had a house withdrawn from sale from under our noses, viewed some more and finally (it was a week, but a week is a long time when you have my attention span) had an offer accepted.  Our future home currently lies in the hands of money grabbing solicitors with a frenchman's opinion on what constitutes hard work, I expect to move in sometime around New Year, what year remains an exciting mystery..

I've also ridden.  A trip to Brechfa and plenty of forays in the Forest with old riding buddies that prove, no matter the time between meetings, true mates are always pleased to see you (and happily prove it by mercilessly piss taking everything you do or say).

I'm currently neck deep in revision for an upcoming exam, an exam that takes place just before 24/12, a weekend I'm hugely looking forward to, it'll be an opportunity to ride with Rex and camp in our oversized tent with family.

Right, that's the two month thing sorted, back to the books

Keep pedalling!