Tuesday, 17 April 2012

April already

Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself*

So my last post was just ahead of the Wentwood 50.  An event that I completed in a rather disappointing time, but with a smile on my face.  The enduro landed bang in the middle of a cracking spell of weather and this made for rather novel issue for the UK.. I spotted a fair number of riders writhing on the floor with cramps in various bits.

The course however, was fantastic, plenty of new bits were added from the 2011 version and they had moved things around abit to make the whole thing tough but rewarding. 

My riding has really been low in both quality and quantity if I'm honest, if 'Fitness' and 'Slack' were placed on opposite ends of a seesaw then 'Slack' would be winning lardy butt down at present.

I went to Afan a few weeks ago, I'd not visited for a good couple of years and couldn't remember any of it.  It was a good day and we seemed blessed on the whole with the weather.  I could feel my riding improve as the day wore on and, on the final descent removed fingers from brakes and concentrated on attack. 

This new and improved attitude served me well for 75% of the descent until the chain came off, not a problem, I hopped off and discovered the cage of my rear mech was bent.. how the hell that happened I can't say.  All I know is that to buy the replacement will cost me £52.. a new mech will cost me £53.. SRAM really are a bunch of thieving arses aren't they?

Singlespeed it is then...

*up to your eyes in work can't really be classed as enjoyment can it?