Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm still here..

It's been quiet online.. work has been manic and I'm once again in the middle of study ahead of exams in January.

Stuff has been happening though, I've been riding (not as much as I wanted), I've run a bit (pleased with how I coped to be honest) but have seemingly been unable to get myself to the gym of late.

I also went to the premiere of the awesome From The Inside Out.. a biking film so amazing on the big screen that I got home and immediately downloaded it..

Seeing this sort of thing both motivates and disappoints.. I want to get out and crank the pedals down singletrack, but have had the back of my mind that I'll never be able to make a bike I own do the stuff these lads can.. ah well.. if it was easy, no one would bother paying 7 quid to go watch it would they?

There is something though, something sitting in mind that I've pushed out to just one person.. until things become certain.. that's the way it'll stay ;o)