Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Doing It All Wrong.. and I'm almost too tired to care

Almost, but not quite.

Ok, so maybe things aren't as bad when you stop to really consider, but I'm tired, work is 100% stress and I can feel that weight is piling on.

I know that last week I mentioned it was good to be back, but I can't say a comeback that lasts 3 rides is going to set the competitive world of 2012 alight, nor send my opponents scurrying for cover.

The thing is, I seem to be stuck in an endless cycle (no pun intended) of 10 or 11 hour days, poor sleeping patterns, worse diet and zero motivation.

I know that the general lack of exercise and constant trips to a rather fine Indian restaurant are doing nothing for me, but I really am having a crisis of focus.  All worlds away from a month or so ago when I felt great and happily managed 12 or so hours of getting out and exercising per week.

The catalyst for this post though comes from Kate, talking on Skype tonight she happen to mention that I'm starting to look a bit fuller in the face.  I love her for it, it's a good sign that she can say something which she knows will probably not make me feel particularly happy.  But was said nonetheless because of the motivation it'll give me for putting it right before it becomes a bit more serious (for me anyway).  She's right too, I can feel that my middle is 'thickening' and my level of get up and go is starting to flatline.

So, last week was a false start, this week is the real deal...