Thursday, 17 November 2011

Coed Y Brenin

I remember saying a while ago that I couldn't understand why people would sit in a car for several hours in order to drag their bikes out at the end of the journey to ride.

That's the same sort of attitude that got us all believing that the world is flat I guess.

When Rex mentioned that the Wednesday night boys were planning their annual trip to North Wales to take in the finest trail centres the area has to offer, I admit to scepticism.  Weekends are precious, with time taken for 'non family activities' gauged in percentages.  A whole Saturday.. that's 45% of my whole weekend time available if I go from the moment I pull up on Friday afternoon to going to bed on Sunday.

As is usually the case, Kate talked me round and so, after not enough sleep I was loading my bike into the boot of the car way before the sun started to show its head. 

Needless to say, the day was awesome, the sun shone with an unusual warmness for early November and I had to take off my baselayer after a few miles - why the hell can't that happen in July?!?

Coed is a cracking circuit, we rode 'The Beast, 40km of endless singletrack that exhausts and enthuses in one endless run of rocky trails.

I've been left with a 'good ride hangover' replaying parts of trail.. False Teeth.. Slated.. fantastic.

The lads I rode with helped, easy banter and support to make the day one I'll keep with me right through Winter.

It wasn't just me though, Nic got home and started you-tubing videos of Brechfa for our now planned January trip...

I can't wait