Friday, 18 March 2011

Still Alive..

First of all, before I start wittering, take a look at this...

 The total of climbing was just over 7000ft.. talk about squeezing 2lbs into a 1lb bag..

So since the Goshawk what have I been doing? well, I've had a few rides and I've been doing some running.  As the countdown timer says, there are 8 days left until the half marathon.. Am I ready? probably not, will I enjoy it? err..

My nerves were ratcheted up another notch yesterday when I received my race pack.. Why? it's my number.. 7

Great.  To me, there is a level of anonymity to being runner 1540.. number 7 means the runner is a bit special.. or maybe over zealous with posting the entry form... but to me it'll be the former, I'm my biggest critic and the person I always compete hardest with, so any excuse to beat myself up will taken with a fair amount of enthusiasm.

Ah well, it's an event and each time I compete I'll learn something; even if it's to not sign up to another ;)