Friday, 25 March 2011

Name Change..

I'd say that nothing which remains static for long periods of time remains at the top of its game.. change is the only constant as the old saying goes.

Something which was at the forefront of y mind when I set this blog up was that I was planning on competing in Triathlons from 2011 onwards.

Well, life has changed as I've already mentioned on numerous occasions and with it, I feel the blog address should change to reflect that.  So, gone is thatswimbikerunthing.. hello to abr-biking.  The blog is dead, long live the blog..

So.. abr-biking.. wtf? you may be asking.. well, it sums me up.. Ambitious But Rubbish.. abr.. clever huh? and after that particular moment of inspiration I may have to go take a lie down.

Hell, I sometimes wonder if I overthink these things ;)