Thursday, 7 October 2010

First Post..

So, in a fit of decisiveness I've swapped blogging sites.. I've been trying to run a blog on Posterous but haven't got on with it, so now I'm on blogger :o)

I'll be getting this site up to how I want over the next few days, but for now, I guess I can start off by describing my ride last night..

It was off road, in the dark and, typically, in the middle of a bloody great rainstorm. It only totalled out at about 15 miles, but over-inflated tyres saw me skidding off roots with rather tiring (no pun intended) regularity.

I'm convinced things come in threes, so, after my third crash saw me somehow catch myself before I thudded into the mud I kind of thought I'd seen the end of the bad stuff.

And then I fell off again, only this time it was a proper crash, a big, out of control, tank-slapper which ended with an over the bar flight, narrowly missing an evil looking tree stump and a hefty tree that didn't need to be evil as it was so immoveable. Luckily, I managed to break my fall.. unfortunately, my fall was broken by slamming my man pieces into the handlebar stem.

It's fair to say the next 5 minutes passed in what can best be described as a haze.. repeated attempts to stand up were thwarted by (and excuse the language, I'm not adept enough in the english language to put this nicely) my b**ocks screaming "nofuckingwaymonkeyboyyoucausedthisyoucanstayhereabitlonger"

I did eventually get up, and, very carefully, get back on the saddle. I was very careful for the rest of the ride, dwelling on my rule of threes and the fact I was owed two.. considering the severity had increased through the evening I wasn't too willing to find out what number 6 looked like.
Still, my riding mates were all very concerned for my well-being, once they stopped laughing of course, but I wouldn't have expected anything less from them