Monday, 28 February 2011

Marking Time..

It's been a bit quiet around here hasn't it? my fault of course and something I'm going to rectify over the coming weeks.

Anyway, back to the subject of this post..

Since I finished work a couple of weeks ago I've been in this horrible limbo that typically occurs between Christmas and New Year.  The weather has been similar too, grey cold and rainy.

My job search, I guess, is typical; an application, then a couple of weeks waiting til anything is heard.  Going through the process whilst still in work makes it easier, with that lag barely noticed due to already being in work and it only sitting in the back of the mind, rather than standing there, yelling for attention.

I wouldn't mind, but the weather has sucked my enthusiasm for getting out and exercising too. I've been doing some running and my normal weekly night ride, but there hasn't been the buzz about me and my training that was so present around Christmas.

Last week did offer some explanation to this sudden drop in energy levels, CJ had another week of teething, coupled with a cold, and to round it all off nicely, a stomach bug.  I succumbed Thursday, with two days in bed and then a weekend of incredible tiredness.  Another week went into the history books with minimal training being recorded.

I remember entering the Wentwood 50 with a feeling of supreme confidence, 50k? not a problem.. lets get in there and ride it with bells on.  The redundancy and the huge vacuum effect that had on my enthusiasm for everything has robbed me of that confidence.  I'm looking at the route map with increasing trepidation and starting to consider the 40k drop-out, not as something to be shown two fingers as I sail passed at mach 5, but maybe as an option worthy of consideration.

This morning I definitely feel better, maybe 90%.. I don't trust my stomach enough for a long run, but I'll be back up to speed by mid-week.