Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back To Real Life...

We've spent the last week on holiday with Kates brother Rex, his wife Sam their daughter Esme, Sams family and few friends to celebrate Rex's 30th.

We all made the journey to Centre Parks in Longleat for a weeks holiday and I can say with some certainty that much fun was had by all.

I think 'holiday' is probably stretching it a little as we seemed to be constantly on the go, but that just made it more fun - how much can be crammed into each day.

A lot as it turns out, Center Parks, whilst time off work is definitely not a restful holiday, our chalet was pretty out of the way and we ended up walking around 5 or 6 miles a day.. me with a rapidly growing boy on my back in his carrier.. I didn't mind, it's easier than a pushchair and I can kid myself I'm getting a sly workout in.

We didn't spend as much time in the pool as I'd have liked, but when we were there Callum loved every moment and I turned into a 8 year with the prospect of water slides to throw myself down.  I even jumped into the outdoor plunge pool whilst everyone debated who should be the idiot that goes first.

Talking of slides.. check this out, that's Callum (aged 12 months) being sent down the slide meant for much older kids.  We got a few stern looks from the other parents until they all noticed that Callum was laughing like a loon.  We knew he would be ok.. he's liked swings and slides from the age of 4 months.. I think he has his parents love of fun..  Apologies for the pictures by the way.. taken on a rather rubbish disposable

Coming home and my thoughts turn inevitably back to preparation for the half marathon. I think I', in reasonable biking shape at present but I know my running needs a lot of attention to get anywhere near where I want it to be, especially with the number of running events I'm eyeing for 2011.

So, Gym last night and self induced beasting on the treadmill.. I really should get a schedule put together